Astrologer chandrasiri bandara sri lanka

Rajapaksa has vowed to catch those responsible.

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This week, a coalition of media and rights groups urged him to reconsider a decision to reinstate the long-unused Press Council, which has the power to jail and fine journalists. Dissanayake, secretary of the Ministry of Mass Media and Information. Sri Lanka has a decades-long history of violence against journalists, with killings, abductions and assaults being carried out and the perpetrators rarely being captured.

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They thought for themselves that they would never ever come to power. However, Bandara fell in deep trouble by making that prediction. It was the first time that an astrologer was arrested in political history based on a prediction unfavourable to the ruler.

Hiru TV - Tharu Walalla - Daily Horoscope Astrology Program - 2018-05-10 - Chandrasiri Bandara

Earlier, Vijaya was labelled a Naxalite in and arrested while many others were arrested in the past for conspiring against governments. The police asked Chandrasiri Bandara as to whether he made such a prediction based on a political conspiracy. Bandara claimed that he made it based on astrology.

On that condition, Bandara was released. However, his prediction turnedout to be false. Mahinda never faced any danger or a tragic incident. The general's Facebook site is filled with adulatory messages. Dissent is slowly building.

Sri Lanka arrests astrologer over political prediction

During a street demonstration last week by thousands of Rajapaksa opponents, protesters shouted that the country was heading towards a dictatorship, that the Government was growing increasingly corrupt and that the economy was sinking. Opponents also accuse Mr Rajapaksa of nepotism; two of his brothers occupy top government posts, and critics say as many as family members are in the Government. Sri Lanka astrologer warns of falling star.