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Scorpios fascinate other signs. People are either scared to be around them or gravitate towards them. They like to be around people who they consider their equal: people who are energized and committed, people who can focus and overcome challenges. Having said that, they also enjoy being with those who will follow them and not question their decisions or actions. Scorpio is a water sign. Taurus is their opposite sign so they are particularly attracted to Taurean individuals. They also get on well with other Scorpios, although a power struggle of huge proportions could occur. Scorpio is generally considered to be the most possessive sign in the zodiac, but different types of Scorpios experience this destructive emotion in completely different ways.

A level one Snake Scorpio may take possessiveness to the extreme, making it almost impossible to have a drama-free relationship with them. The most evolved Scorpios, the Phoenixes, will identify their own possessive emotions. In particular, people who have the planet Venus in Scorpio have problems with possessive feelings in relationships. To love, you have to be able to give freedom and this is something that is a real challenge for these people.

Unless they work hard at controlling their possessive streak, they can scare off partners and friends with their demands and accusations.

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Scorpios can make the most loyal friends you could ever wish for, or they could dismiss your attempts at friendship without a second thought. It depends on whether they value you or not. One of Scorpios biggest challenges is that they want to be in control.

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Put them in a submissive position, or take the power from them, and they will just switch off and stare at you. Scorpio wants to lead, they want to drive the show. At their best, a level three Phoenix Scorpio has an incredible appetite for sensuality. At their worst, a level one Snake Scorpio will just take what they want from people without considering their feelings. All Scorpios are powerful to some extent, but what they use that power for is down to their level of evolution.

A low level consciousness Scorpio can be manipulative and hurtful but an evolved Scorpio is a true wisdom teacher. Many teachers, healers and doctors are highly evolved Scorpios but, take their power from them, and you may still feel their sting! Interestingly, Elvis Presley was Scorpio rising. Known for his incredible sexual energy and hypnotic appeal, Presley was a hugely powerful person who could be very supportive of those who earned his trust.

He was also known to take what he wanted from people and simply get rid of those who he felt were of no use or benefit to him. Scorpios can be very attracted to Taurus as they are opposite zodiac signs. They are also both highly sensual signs. An evolved Scorpio is most at home with a partner who revels in sensuality. Together they could spend hours simply pleasing each other — remember Scorpio has the most incredible focus and rarely gives up until the completion of any task!

For Scorpio to be attracted to any individual, that person must be sincere and committed. They also tire of people they find boring or weak.

Scorpio: The Phoenix Rises

Scorpio can identify superficial people with unearthly speed and accuracy so, if you want to be with a Scorpio, make sure your intentions are clear and honest. Scorpio is the zodiac sign most devoted to their soul rather than their ego. They will destroy their own ego in pursuit of improving their soul. I rather lean on the positive side of the Scorp because a negative Scorpio is treacherous! But I remember her saying.. A Scorpio will laugh with you but is ready to Sting at any given moment I never understood that till I studied the sighn Scorpio in the house.

Is it possible to reach the phoenix stage by mid thirties if they have had a hard life since age 4 weeks and where supposed to die several times, yet somehow survived. This scorpio I know is extremely generous and is always so happy and positive, never sees the bad in any situation. Im 33 and im certain I attained Phoenix at Pretty amazing the amount of bull shit I can hadle lol. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content Scorpio is the Eighth Sign of the Zodiac. The scorpion is still quite a bit immature when it comes to dealing with other people. Scorpions throw temper tantrums and show abundant jealousy. However, once again, some Scorpios may skip over this symbol, depending on their upbringing and environment. The lizard is a bit more relaxed in demeanor.

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This symbol recognizes a little humility and has a tendency to watch and learn instead of reacting. This is the stage in which Scorpios are fond of revenge. I would call this the pre-teen Scorpio—somewhat matured, but not as fully developed as the symbols to come. The serpent, although extremely dangerous, will move away from a situation unless it or its loved ones are being threatened.

If it is threatened, watch out! It will strike back, and it will strike back hard and fiercely. A snake behaves much like the Lizard but with venom. Teenage Scorpios tend to be serpents, although adults who have not evolved past this symbol can also show these characteristics. The wolf is strong, wise, and protective of its home and family. It makes a nice, comfortable home for its loved ones. If left alone, harmony will ensue. Many young adults fit into this category of the symbols.

These characteristics generally coincide with a time in life in which one leaves the nest and starts off anew. It is important for wolves to become aware of prioritizing their responsibilities and choosing battles wisely. The eagle represents the more mature Scorpio.

The eagle soars above all others, watching and learning. As an eagle, the Scorpio is becoming more of a spiritual being, trusting God to handle its affairs of revenge. Eagles are, of course, still quite protective of their young; this protectiveness is primarily felt when their children are young and lessens as they grow up. The eagle raises its young to be strong and self sufficient, once again trusting in God to lead the children down the right path of life. Often, Scorpio evolve into this symbol by mid life. The phoenix is the ultimate goal as a Scorpio.

The mythical phoenix is destroyed and rises above its own ashes another Pluto trait. Life is hard. A Scorpio knows how hard life can be. But when a Scorpio reaches the symbol of the phoenix, he or she has achieved a mature, stable, and comfortable life in the face of difficulties. The phoenix is the most peaceful of the Scorpio symbols. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites.

For those saying you are an eagle or Phoenix at a young age, I assure you that you are not. Think of it this way. If someone killed your mom, kid, or significant other Would you forgive? If you had the chance to hurt the one that did it with no punishment, would you indulge? And for the one saying Phoenix belongs to Leo because it's associated with light, then you are the worst traits of your symbol. Prideful and arrogant. The Lion isn't the most natural Apex predator.

That belongs to us, humans. I am unsure what is after humans, but I can think of many other predators that are more efficient and deadly than a lion. Even though the Phoenix is associated with the sun, the main take away from a Phoenix is what it represents. Death and rebirth. Instead of seeing things as how they appear, try seeing them as to what they represent.

Look at the whole picture, not just a section of it. This article is highly inaccurate. Scorpio does NOT have seven symbols. It doesn't even have three, although that's one of the biggest misconceptions of modern astrology. And the "toughest sign" is LEO tbe mighty lion and the only natural apex predator. Scorpio and Capricorn are actually two of tge most emotionally weakest signs since they are the weakest placements of the moon which rules over emotions and the inner self so all this hyoe that modern astrologers give to Scorpio is quite misplaced.

Please stop this exaggerated worship of Scorpio and acknowledge the power of other signs. Leo is the only sign ruled by the almighty Sun stronger than dwarf planet Pluto by far and symbolized by the powerful lion and this needs to be better described by modern astrologers. What doesn't kill you, will only make you stronger if you let it. Every pain is for a reason. When you feel like you can't take one more step, you scream out why, over and over, only then will will you find the answers you have been seeking. Is it weird I went through all the stages and I'm a Phoenix at 14?

I've always loved the Phoenix and I barely found out about being a Scorpio.

What Is A Scorpios Personality?

I thought a lioness would be there but I could say am a wolf and I have been the Phoenix since a younger age. I feel like I'm the serpent because my life is coiled, but I think the faster i can forgive instead of forget, and learn to understand other people's more on a all scale empath level. I the faster i can acend and evolve stronger.

Revenge is for the wicked but love is for the righteous. At retirement, I've been a Phoenix for many many years, but like others have commented, I have held on to many of the traits of the younger years and stages of being a Scorpio. I simply think of those traits as evolutionary tools to be used as needed when the occasion may arise! You don't discard tools just because they're not needed at the moment, instead, you simply learn to carry ALL these traits around with the knowledge they may or may not be needed at any given instant.

This, I believe, is what makes a mature Scorpio, the Phoenix, what it truly is, and what makes others "see" a Scorpio as so mysterious. They usually don't understand that it's the nature of the Scorpio to mask those traits once understood, learned, and mastered. You're reading this, obviously, because you too are a Scorpio, so take the wisdom of these words and discover your true self I'm 21, an Eagle Scorpio. Was a Wolf for the largest chunk of my life so far, and sometimes I do regress.

But, what is particularly aggravating- and I do hope that some fellow Scorpios may sympathize- is that I know what I must DO in order to become a Phoenix. But the motivation and the de-facto of moving to that point is most challenging. At 25 years old, I'm an eagle!!! They say that: "The eagle represents the more mature Scorpio. It's totally right and it's magnificent to be an eagle!!! You feel your power, you spent so much time to learn and watch, to watch and learn, and as every transformation Scorpio goes through, from the ashes of the wolf the eagle was born!!

A suprisingly high number of phoenix's this leads me to believe a lot of people aren't being as critical as they could be? For the comments of Scorpio being narcissists; these people are obviously not Scorpios, do not understand Scorpios and can't understand the concept of "evolving".

I find Narcissism in all signs, NPD is one of those "nature v. Virgos, Cancer, Saggitarius and some Aquarians are highly prone to Narcissism. Remember, there are different degrees of narcissism. Many Scorpios do not outright think themselves superior, they will not approach you and force you to acknowledge they are right; this only occurs when they are wronged or attacked.

That is not narcissism, it is a defense mechanism. As explained in this article, Scorpio is an evolving sign. We go through phases and for those who have learned from our past mistakes are not the same people we were in teens, 20's, 30's, etc. This is one reason why people who judge us on our past are completely ignored and seem to ignorant to even be bothered with in our lives. They can't see what we have become and the accomplishments we have made. I'm a phoenix however I have the head of the wolf the body of the serpent wings of the eagle the scorpions tail and the fiery rebirth and nature of the Phoenix I'm truly represented by Mars and Pluto the gods of war violence chaos and the underworld death and wealth and transformation.

In the end, when a Scorpio reach the status of Phoenix, he starts to see that most people struggle because they are in fight with themselves. Being a Phoenix means to reach Nirvana. The status where everything flows over you but inside you can only have a deep state of happiness. Does this still apply if you have your Moon in Scorpio?

I'm an Aquarius Sun, but I feel like deep down inside i'm a Scorpio at heart. And this is because I have a Scorpio Moon, plus I have my sun in the 8th house. So does this evolution of the sign of Scorpio still apply to Lunar Scorpios? I'm still a wolf since when I'm alone, harmony will ensue but I'm also a Phoenix..

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I give up to revenge, I could make pain to others but I stopped myself and I allow others to punch me in the face.. The strong people are those who don't care of much evil they have thrown to them but they keep shining, no matter what.. And the last step to be a Phoenix, it's family.. I'm learning to stay with children, to make them happy, to show them love, to play with them..

And if harmony is inside me, when I'm alone, I can bring harmony to others. How hard but also how wonderful is to be a Scorpio?? Having been bought up in a torturous childhood and being subjected to many forms of abuse, even the unthinkable, I developed my disecting trait as a scorpio of ripping situations and observations and experiences apart and shuffling the information into logical form and filing each bit into boxes and patterns. I perfected my reading of people and of agendas and built a wall around my heart. I vowed I would never be like the multiple signs of my family and would be the best I could be at all times.

I would rise above disgust, rise above anger and spite, I would be friends with karma and we would go hand in hand through life. I have no need to waste my energy on unworthy people. To be driven to be anything but a phoenix is to be driven by emotion and ultimately controlled by an abuser. I am in control, I can't be read and am a master of subterfuge, I see all, hear all and say nothing, I have been this way since I was a small child, nobody will draw me into the other animals, my twin has never progressed from a spider, I rise above all that is thrown at me in life and I am proud of who I am, my skills I have developed and the goodness for others I live by.

In my life, I started as a spider, I was a spider, all that self-centered energy was making me the worse of myself, I needed to die and born again to be a Scorpio, too much jealously and too much wanting to have success against other, I needed to die and born again, I was 19 and I left my parents house to be a lizard and I don't know why but when I go back to my parents house, I tend to be again a lizard because I force myself to be immature, to not be a man so I chose to be a man, to be a Serpent but I discovered that venom makes people die, so I needed to die and born again, I'm finally a wolf.

When I'm alone, harmony will ensue, this is the time when you find the best relationship with yourself. Next step is having the best relationship with others and empower others, the greatest success is making others succeed and leave to humanity judge you.. This is an eagle.. When a Scorpio is harmless, be ready to empower others, to make others judge him, to keep himself strong on his life path of healing and spreading peace the world, this is the best Scorpio, the Phoenix..

We're really wonderful creature if we want to be more than a Spider. Good luck to all the Scorpios of this world.. I am a scorpio and part or full psychic but recently twice sitting in my flat at night nonetheless and have seen the shadow of an eagle once in my kitchen that for some reason I instinctively ducked lol then seen the eagle shadow above me on my ceiling small as though the actual bird was miles away and only a couple of nights ago talking to my friend on the phone as I just looked at my wall whilst chatting it soared across the wall again small as though far away.

Im an Aquarius Sun with a Pisces Moon, and the whole transformational stages and personality traits of Scorpio definitely apply to me. I have just recently transitioned to Eagle. I now know it's because he never got past spider stage. This explains SO much. I find this funny because two of my other zodiac signs Native American and Celtic Snake and Wolf are stages of the Scorpio.

Like many others have said, I had also only heard of the 3 symbols - Scorpion, Eagle and Phoenix.