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A Greek astronomer, Hipparchus, discovered the precession of the equinox allowing Ptolemy to adopt the tropical coordinate system, which is used by astrologers today. The symbol of the sign is the Ram, referring to the Greek myth of the Golden Ram that saved Frixus and Elli from being sacrificed to the Gods. The myth of the Golden Fleece also refers to the same Golden Ram. The name of the sign refers to the bull, therefore, the symbol of the sign is the Bull.

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The Greek Name of this sign refers to the Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, the horrible monster that lived in the labyrinth of King Minos in Crete. The symbol of this sign are the Twin brothers. The name of Gemini refers to the Greek mythology and the myth of Castor and Polydeuces Pollux in latin. The symbol of the sign is the crab. There are numerous theories about this sign and the reasons why its name was chosen, but many astrologers associate it with the myth of Hercules and the Lerna Hydra, a horrible water snake with twelve heads. The symbol of the sign is the Lion, referring to the myth of Hercules and the Lion of Erymanthes, one of the first impossible tasks he had to fulfil.

The symbol of the sign is the maiden, since Parthenos in Greek means Virgin. The symbol of the sign is the golden scale that is associated with justice, equity and balance. In Vedic astrology , Nakshatra or constellation is one of many factors considered for doing the accurate predictions. There are 10 Poruthams in Vedic Astrology which are based on the various combinations of birth star, of the boy and the girl.

The nirayana longitude of planets, the rasi, the longitude in the rasi, the nakshatra as well as nakshatra padam is calculated. Ethrayum Dayulla Maathave. You can also use this online nakshatra finder to find the nakshatra for any particular day. Rashi chakram is consisting of 12 boxes that represent 12 houses or rashis. Check out Malayalam Rashi Phalam now. Jefferson Health cardiologists helped pioneer the use of coronary stents and drug-eluting stents in preventing heart attacks, and we are one of a select group of medical centers in the U. The Nakshatras are same in Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and all other Hindu panchanga but the names varies as per the particular language.

Tamilrockers Malayalam Movie Download. The Malayalam Calendar - Kollavarsham. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman. So there will be Download our bhagya suktam lyrics in malayalam eBooks for free and learn more about bhagya suktam lyrics in malayalam.

Join and search! Register and search over 40 million singles: voice recordings. There are 28 nakshatras, however only 27 nakshatras are considered for calculations. They share border, they share water, electriciy. And as we prepare to celebrate the auspicious day of Thiruvonam, here are Onam wishes and messages in Malayalam, Happy Onam WhatsApp Stickers, Facebook status and Thiruvonam quotes to share with your friends and family.

Please tell me about theMalayalam Nakshatra Phalam Malayalam Calendar app is a fully fledged calendar for the year which is available for you in the digital format so that you can access it through your hand held android devices. Free horoscope match making in malayalam - Join the leader in rapport services and find a date today. The malayalam calendar given below is a dynamic calendar to find panchangam of any day between and Horoscope in Malayalam based on date of birth consists of the rashi chakram and navamsa chakram. Browse through hundreds of Nakshatra Phalam websites, and get advanced and related info in the PageStat directory for Nakshatra Phalam and more.

The 27 nakshatras, each with 4 padas, give , which is the number of beads in a japa mala, indicating all the elements ansh of Vishnu: We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Welcome to Tamilcube. Also called nakshatra porutham, your jathaka porutham in malayalam page, takes your birth details and the would be's birth details and tell you if the horoscopes are a match or a no match.

Nakshtra - Ganam Following are the rasi which each nakshatra belongs to - Ashwathi - medam Nakshtra - Ganam March 1 Malayalam jathakam birth chart with Rasi, nakshatra and lagnam in Malayalam. Moon is lord of this star and The Surya is the deity of this star. Chitra loves conjuring magic while the Libra influence gives the nakshatra the aesthetic appeal. Rohini is one of the Nakshatra out of twenty-seven Nakshatra in Jain Nakshatra calculator, find your Nakshatram, birth star or Naalu from your birth date.

Even in filthiest and dirtiest water, it can become a beautiful flower. We are sure you will not be disappointed with our list of Kerala names. The female natives of Chitra Nakshatra are perceived to confront some health hurdles as well in their life path as including abdominal tumors, appendicitis, disease form worms, bladder problems, kidney inflammation and brain fever. The following table shows the names of the 27 nakshatras in their zodiacal order. List of baby names are listed here that belongs to Malayalam origin. Every name belongs to Malayalam origin if matches then boosts value in life.

T The University is came in to being on 1st November Welcome to bachpan. Some of the trees are very rare and hard to find, so we have also listed 27 trees for each nakshatra, that would cover all the 4 padas for that particular nakshatra. According to astrology, the jathaka porutham malayalam helps you match with the right person in your life to be with you all through your life.

The first 45 quarter or 45 nazhika of Visakham is in Thula Kurru Libra Zodiac and the next 15 quarter or 15 nazhika is in Vrischikakurru Scorpio Zodiac as per Malayalam moon astrology and traditional calendar Vishakham Nakshatram is the 16th birth star among 27 Nakshatrams in Malayalam Jyothisham or astrology followed in Kerala.

Malayalam kids Malayalam Baby Names - nameurbaby. Other than daily Malayalam horoscope, yearly horoscope i. In plain translation, Revathi refers to one who is wealthy and this is conveyed by the essence of this asterism at multiple levels. Acquiring remedies is almost really important in the lives of Chitra Nakshatra women. Know your future scientifically Read yearly horoscope, astrology and predictions of your rashi in Malayalam.

Celluloid Malayalam Movie Online. For jathaka porutham based on kerala horoscope matching various factors for marriage such as mutual affinity, physical features, trustworthiness, capacity of the male to protect women, health and wealth, marital happiness, human qualities and longevity are assessed through 10 poruthams such as ganam, yoni, stree deerkham, rajju, vedham, rashi Star Magic: Lekshmi Nakshatra turns a poetess; apart from fun and banter Lekshmi also proves her talent in literary filed as she is seen reciting the poem in a chaste Malayalam.

Is there any danger to father? Just got to hear that people born in the above hindu nakshatra in the third part of the day 12 noon-6pm cause death to father. Found 0 sentences matching phrase "Bharani". In astrology, it is believed that is important for everyone to determine the birth stars as it plays a significant role in predicting the future events that would happen in one's life.

Nakshatra has said that she had always wanted to become an actress.

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In the Anuradha native, in addition to her attractive face and beautiful body her beautiful waist further attracts the opposite sex. All temple events in Kerala were decided according to the dates in the Malayalam calendar, the 27 stars and the 30 Tithies. Nakshatra Vanam Star Forest This page describes the trees that correspond to each lunar star sign.

Nakshatra computation appears to have been well known at the time of the Rig Veda.

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This is counted as degree from 0 Aries. I have a CS6 version. Athiran is quite an unusual Hindu male name and it might have derived from the name "Athira" which is a common Hindu female name in Kerala. I wanted to use malayalam in Adobe Illustrator. It is important for everyone to determine the birth stars as it plays a significant role in forecasting the events that are going to happen in future.

Just browse the modern Malayalam babies names shortlist Malayalam name from a-z alphabetic order and get the Malayalam baby name of your choice. Nakshatra birth star Porutham match is very essential to a marriage. Kollavarsham is the name of the Malayalam solar calendar. By choosing this online jathakam, you can have an accurate account of your life and character. Nakshatra results are displayed in Sanskrit, Malayalam or Tamil.

You can find your nakshatra and other astrological birth details using your date and place of birth. Today is September 10, and Malayalam date is Chingam 25, Kollavarsham Search for Nakshatra Free Download. Governed by the god of wind, Vayu and the planet Rahu the Swati Nakshatra is symbolized by a green shoot waving in the wind. The nakshatra during sunrise is considered as the nakshatra of the day. Haneesh Khani. Get celebrity Nakshatra malayalam Actress fans uploaded photos, movie stills, Nakshatra malayalam Actress photo gallery, pictures, images, movie gallery, Nakshatra malayalam Actress albums 27 Nakshatras — Characteristics.

Malayalam Prayers As Images. Nakshatra Names. She is pure hearted. So the value for each nakshatra is 13 degrees and 20 minutes. Though the Sanskrit text of Mahabharata is available online and it could be converted to Malayalam fairly easily, proof reading all the one lakh slokas will be too much work unless there is a very large team of workers to do that.

Kerala Astrology is based on Vedic Astrology, which is based upon planetary influences. Welcome to Astro Malayalam. Malayalam month Kanni 1, falls on September So, I was looking at my birthday to figure out my Malaylam Nakshatram. Read Moola nakshatra astrology prediction , lord, symbol, deity, nature, rashi marriage, compatibility, governing planet, lucky numbers, lucky colors, astronomical names, four padas and more.

Beyond this they share their culture, traditional values and friendship. Your Rasi and your Nakshatra are important points in a horoscope. It is interesting to note that in addition to the Jupiter-Saturn year synod and conjunction , which preceded this alignment in late BCE, a far more rare Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune synod also occurred at this time circa BCE. The Ochchabhaga, February It is fractal in nature, where the 12 dwads are signs within a sign, with the first dwad sign being the same as the main sign. Thus, a sign has its ruler, which expresses through a dwad's sub-ruler.

Each Dwad can be further divided into mini-Dwads. Both stars fall into the "Vargottama padas" of their respective signs, which makes these padas exceptionally strong and well balanced. This means that Aldebaran, expressing through the center of sidereal Taurus, which is ruled by Venus , expresses through the center of the Taurus-Venus pada of the Rohini Nakshatra.

Likewise, Antares, expressing through the center of sidereal Scorpio, which is ruled by Mars , expresses through the center of the Scorpio-Mars pada of the Anuradah Nakshatra. The placement of these stars in their Vargottama padas is another indicator emphasizing the appropriateness of this reckoning of the zodiak. This, as well, is another indicator affirming the already strong evidence that the Babylonian Zodiac was the original zodiak used in India.

The Galactic Equatorial Ayanamsa also places the galactic equatorial nodes exactly in the centers of their respective padas; i. Some astrologers use the Babylonian ayanamsa, some use the Fagan-Bradley ayanamsa, some use the Krishnamurti-Paddhati ayanamsa, etc. Most modern Vedic astrologers use Lahiri's ayanamsa, however after Lahiri published his ayanamsa he said he would add about 27 minutes to his ayanamsa because the Dashas calculated with his original ayanamsa were occuring to late.

In addition, the rate of precession used to calculate charts, especially those in the distant past, is another factor to consider. The most common method is to use a linear calculation based upon Earth's current precessional rate. So it is important to consider which ayanamsa you are using to calculate a sidereal chart if you are using the Nakshatra Star Chart in this article or the poster version to see what stars and planets conjoin and in which padas both reside.

Often time this will be a mere fraction of a degree difference, but should be noted if using ayanamsas that vary greatly. To learn more about the Galactic Equatorial Ayanamsa, ayanamsa differences, and how to convert one ayanamsa to another, see the Ayanamsa Section toward the bottom of the Sidereal Astrology web page. The "Gate of God" and "Gate of Man," which are the nodes of the galactic equatorial axis in the ecliptic, form the fixed axis of Earth's Precessional Cross.

The fixed galactic axis is created by the intersection of the galactic plane and the ecliptic plane Earth's orbital plane. The moving vernal axis is created by the intersection of Earth's equatorial plane and the ecliptic plane. The fixed galactic axis is of the durative soul, whereas the moving vernal axis, specifically where the Vernal Point resides with respect to the fixed axis, is of the punctual soul, that is, delineating the current energetic for incarnating souls in the greater evolutionary context that the galactic axis provides.

Note: The energetics of Galactic Center express primarily through the Galactic Equatorial Node more so than through the ecliptical longitude of the GC. Mula or Moola means "root" and is symbolically imaged as a group of roots tied together. Traditionally, Mula is said to be a powerful Nakshatra in terms of accessing that which is deep, to go to the source or root cause. This is however about seeking wisdom in a spiritual sense, not about religious, ritualistic or dogmatic-based knowledge, nor is concerned with superficial mundanities.

Mula has a sharp Tikshna quality, which means it destroys what is false by cutting through to the truth. Pada 2 of Mula expresses through the Taurus Navamsa ruled by Venus. The Taurus-Venus articulation of Mula imparts a magnetic attractiveness and exceptional intuitive faculties. It tends toward a soft artistic expression and impels an attraction and appreciation for that which is sensuously pleasing.

This is more so about the subtle energetics or spiritual nature expressing through physical form, as in seeing the beauty of soul within a person, that which is hidden behind one's outward manifestation. Galactic Center, although falling into pada 1, reveals itself through the Gate of God GEN , imparting an underlying energetic that emphasizes universal principles and higher ideals. Pada 1 of Mula expresses through the Aries Navamsa ruled by Mars a masculine expression. The energetic here sets the tone as we enter sidereal Sagittarius.

The Aries Navamsa in Sagittarius accentuates the fire element and Mars emphasizes raw creative initiative. Pada 1 impels physical action in a quest for greater spiritual awareness. It impels a desire for travel and higher learning, commonly associated with Sagittarius, a quest for spiritually related experience that expands one's philosophy of life. Galactic Center is the zeropoint spacetime reference for our evolutionary system. Our Galaxy from galacto, se. This galactic nucleus is also the zeropoint spacetime source of unified awareness or cosmic consciousness from which express undulating waves of "Evolutionary Intelligence" that permeate all life in our galaxy.

This intelligence guides and provides the greater context for our evolutionary sojourn. Astrologically, Galactic Center imparts a relentless transcendent force expressing throughout one's entirety of being that creates passionate motivation and undaunted aspiration to seek a greater truth and to become that truth. This can be said for the first several degrees of sidereal Sagittarius.

For a younger soul this can instill a restless agitation and drive for continual physical movement and new experience, a drive that can lead to destructive behavior unless one learns to creatively channel this inner fire in positive ways. For a mature soul, it requires relinquishment of lesser vibrational modes of being and ways of participating in the world, and the openness to allow this energy to permeate, illuminate and radiate through one's entirety of being, burning away false facades and false gods.

For an older soul, this becomes a radiant all-consuming inner fire, a profundity that permeates and expresses throughout one's entire life. Ophiuchus stands with one foot over the Scorpion's head and the other over the Scorpion's sting. Ophiuchus is knowledge holder over the raw creative forces governing life and death, one who has attained ascension from the lower-order forces that perpetuate our scenarios of reincarnational entrapment.

Ophiuchus is exemplar of one who has mastered the initiatory forces of life and who has brought the interplay of these forces to a greater spiritual fulfillment. Cebalrai imparts a sense of responsibility to embrace and transmute the initiations of incarnate experience into embodied wisdom. Successful mastery in doing so imparts yet a greater soul-level responsibility to live from that wisdom. Ketu, the South Lunar Node, being the ruler of Mula impels us to embody that which is inherent to universal principles, our commonality, our spiritual truth and wisdom, the higher ideals delineated by the Gate of God.

Mula-Ketu clarifies why Sagittarius is the spiritual warrior, with intent to dissolve the bounds of human mind to arrive to the source root of limitless cosmic awareness. Here is another example of how the stars and the Nakshatras and their padas synthesize, and how we can expand our comprehension of both. The Vernal Point's passage through a Nakshatra takes about Its passage through a pada takes about The Vernal Point entered Uttara Bhadrapada c.

Humanity is now in the final precessional stage of Bhadrapada's lessons pada 1 , which began as the Vernal Point entered pada 1 c. Purva Bhadrapada means First Bhadrapada. Uttara Bhadrapada means Second Bhadrapada. Pisces is the constellation of the two fishes. One fish swims westward, horizontally along the ecliptic plane, with its head, marked by the "Circlet" of stars lying upon the Aquarius-Pisces cusp. The western swimming fish delineates our primordial autonomic sleeping nature, and our unconsciously reactive participation in the cycle of mortal life.

It is of our inherited genealogies that we are born into and the behavioral patterns they express. The eastern fish leaps upward, vertically from the ecliptic plane, seeking a greater freedom at the shores of sidereal Aries. The eastern fish delineates our desire and capacity to ascend from our inherited past and its ideologies, and our effort to awaken from submersion in the tumultuous psychic emotional human world articulated by southern Cetus. Uttara Bhadrapada is ruled by Saturn Lord of Karmic Retribution; addressing our responsibilities in life; confronting our fears, discipline in times of limitation, the power of limits, etc.

Structured Saturn on Pisces' watery foundation is not on sure footing. Establishing stability, self-sustainability and setting direction are lessons Saturn offers here in the tumultuous emotional waters of early Pisces. Emotional impressionability verses inner emotional and psychic clarity are of issue, as well as the need to shed assumed emotional-based impressions absorbed like a sponge, especially those imposed by authoritarian figures or bureaucracies.

Saturn can also bring stability to that which is chaotic and emotionally unbalanced, and this may be the case or intended purpose of techno-bureaucratic structures, but which comes with a price of being controlled or manipulated, especially for those who may be fear-based. Entrapment and getting thrashed around by the techno-bureaucratic monster of collective human consciousness Cetus is of issue.

Pisces is ruled by Jupiter.

List of Nakshatras

The Vernal Point's passage through Uttara Bhadrapada thus brings tremendous emphasis to Jupiter and Saturn, the two most massive planets in our star system. It also brings emphasis to the Jupiter-Saturn year cycles. Jupiter-Saturn cycles are one of the most powerful and influential in our solar system dynamics. Jupiter's magnetic field creates a huge, intense and complex magnetosphere that is larger than the diameter of the Sun and envelops the orbit of Saturn. The cycles of these two massive planets also synchronize and breathe with the solar cycles. Jupiter imparts a warming, expansive and mobilizing force.

Saturn imparts a cooling, contracting and solidifying force. Jupiter is ligamentous and muscular while Saturn is calciferous and structural. Jupiter is inclusive and embracing while Saturn is exclusive and segregating. Saturn forces us to confront our fears and Jupiter impels us to claim our wisdom. Saturn demonstrates and validates by concretizing in form that which Jupiter expands to embrace. Jupiter expounds upon and mobilizes what Saturn consolidates and solidifies. Jupiter tends to magnify the limitations Saturn imposes and stimulates the expansion of new growth upon the established structures Saturn solidifies.

In so doing, these year cycles create the rhythmic breath of societal development. Jupiter teaches us we must claim the wisdom from the limits and constrictions Saturn imposes. Hindu literature describes Uttara Bhadrapada as intense, dark, spiritual, serious, esoteric, and wise, impelling the drive to find what is hidden or held secret. Here we can see why. It is also said to express in an illusive manner, impelling people to act in a variety of ways based on the needs of a current situation, rather than from core instinct or morals, which is the manifestation of the unrealized potential of what experience in Uttara Bhadrapada has to offer.

Regarding Uttara Bhadrapada in general: Mercury is in its detriment in sidereal Pisces, suggesting miscommunication, miss-understandings, difficulty with logistics, and dominance of emotion rather than reason. Both bring attention to the relation of the flow of abundance, emotional clarity, and living from the heart. Venus rules money and assets, and dramatically influences economics.

Jupiter and Venus impel expression, expansion and mobilization of the heart, art, beauty and abundance trusting heart's unseen magnetic capacity —an indicator of the way through the depths of Uttara Bhadrapada. Uttara Bhadrapada has a fixed Sthira quality, which means fitting to activities that establish or construct what grows into something enduring. Its Gunas are Sattva-Sattva-Tamas, which delineate an underlying motivating force based from spiritual principles, knowledge, and the intellect, which is applied through material pursuits and physical experience.

Material pursuits in turn serve to expand knowledge and spiritual or esoteric awareness, which ultimately liberates us from the bounds of materiality. In this pada, "the way is through" the density of the material world to find liberation from it. Lying over the first half of sidereal Pisces is the Great Square of Pegasus, created by Markab, Scheat, Algenib and Alpheratz occurring in that order in ecliptical longitude.

The principles and qualities embodied by each of these four stars reveal the mysteries wisdom of refining self, the psycho-physiological vessel through which soul expresses, to become free from the bounds limiting us from participating in a more fulfilling and purposeful expression in the world. This refinement of self allows us to become able to participate in the world without becoming entrapped by the fear-instilling, dramatic, emotional and psychic forces common to the human collective. These stars impel us to rise from our primordial past into our destined evolutionary fulfillment, to become more through our human experience.

Lacerta, the lizard, lies along the galactic equator, just over the Great Square of Pegasus, and is gatekeeper to the Primordial Origin. Lacerta embodies our pure unadulterated primordial essence. Lacerta holds the knowledge of elemental forces that mold consciousness into organic form, awareness that precedes thought itself. Scheat embodies the essence of early sidereal Pisces. Its conjunction with the South Galactic Pole SGP and the Primordial Origin brings emphasis to the fundamental element responsible for the formation of life, water.

Scheat also radiates most of its light in the infrared area of light, the area of molecular and chemical resonances, where water shows strong absorption. Scheat brings our attention to our life force and the use of it. Scheat also brings attention to the waters of life and to the purity of our body fluids, especially our "lymph," which means Flowing Spirit of the Living Waters of Life. Scheat pertains to all waters of the world, but also to body fluids, especially water's relationship to the purification of the physical vehicle and the body's requirement for refined life force energies to express through water's molecular matrix.

Scheat also brings attention to our blood, sacred sexual fluids and saliva, as well as to the types of fluids that we bring into our bodies.

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The purity and movement of the lymph and blood is not only essential for the elimination of toxins, but is also required for the transference of subtle light energies of cosmic intelligence our soul's essence to express through our genetic coding. The more light we express, the truer we express the vibrancy of our souls and the more life giving spirit substance we embody. This is why peoples throughout history have sought "Living Water"—healing springs flowing endlessly from the ground of their own accord, water said to bring immortality.

The word immortality here means not being subject to premature degeneration and death. Alignments with Scheat impel us to consider what we are doing with our primordial life force, how we are using our Chi, our primal energy. Scheat also asks us to integrate our primordial essence with our spiritual essence—to realize they are one flowing life-giving force. NGC , also known as the Sculptor Galaxy, is the brightest of the Sculptor Group of galaxies, found in the constellation of the same name, and lying approximately 13 million light-years from Earth.

The Sculptor Galaxy is known as a starburst galaxy for its current high rate of star formation, one result of which is its superwind, a stream energetic material spewing out from the centre of the galaxy out into space. The purple light comes from that frenzy of star formation, which originally began 30 million years ago, while the yellowish colour is created by dust lit up by young, massive stars. This image combines observations performed through three different filters B, V, R with the 1. Here we are concerned with the origins of life, the creation of the human form, and the very foundation of life.

The SGP, Alpha Sculptor and the Sculptor galaxies articulate the foundation and formation of human life from the primordial waters of life, the molding of clay into human form. Alpha Sculptor impels us to realize that we sculpt our lives from the primordial forces of life and impels us to take the responsibility to do so, lest we will merely thrash around and drown in the tempestuous waters of life. I dub this northern location along the galactic plane as the Primordial Origin and the fiducial starting point in Earth's precessional cycle for several reasons.

This is the most northern point along the galactic plane and is the ecliptical longitude of the South Galactic Pole SGP , the very foundation of our galaxy. When Earth's north pole resides at this location which occurred degrees ago in the precessional cycle , Earth's polar axis is most parallel to the galactic plane, submersed in the plane of galactic light. Here Earth's pole lies at rest in Earth's Precessional Cycle. From this point onward, the pole begins to lift itself, awakening from its place of rest in unified galactic awareness, in the galactic plane of light, to begin its precessional round and the evolutionary unfoldment of human consciousness.

Also see the Precessional Cross Videos for more about Earth's equatorial plane's orientation with respect to the galactic plane. Thus, the vernal point aligns with the longitude of our Primordial Origin. This reveals our need the human race to embrace our humanness, our primal essence, to have respect for the origins of life, and to amalgamate our true primordial nature with the wisdom gained throughout our entire sojourn on Earth—to fully infuse our spiritual soul awareness into the depths of our primal origins—to illumine the very genetic vessel through which soul expresses—to become one unified spiritually awakened spiral of light.

The vernal point's placement here also reveals our need to realize the importance of water and all of life's fluids—as water is the sacred elixir of life, and it reveals our need to embrace the integral and entwined roles of the masculine and feminine. It impels us to spiritualize matter, which is also articulated by the Jupiter-Saturn amalgam occurring in Uttara Bhadrapada, which is a key aspect to understand about this Nakshatra, and especially its first pada. Uttara Bhadrapada Pada 1 Leo ruled by the Sun, a masculine expression is of prominence, eminence, nobility, royalty, pride, courage, self-reliance, independence, and influential leadership—the essence of the Lion.

It inspires self-authority and self-expression with passion for achievement. Without emotional and spiritual maturity, this generally results in seeking authoritarian positions based in dominance over others, or a desire for the glitter and glamour of being seen on the world stage, or for a common person, seeking a similar facade based in self-importance demonstrated by positions gained in society, material accomplishment or material wealth, to step into the limelight, producing a race of rats seeking to climb to the top.

Although this pada impels us to become responsible to sculpt the lives we desire and a pursuit for liberation and freedom, which can be mistaken for material accomplishment and success, the ideal of this energetic is about the embodiment of greater wisdom gained through physical experience. This is not about proclaiming spirituality over materiality or denying our primal nature, but by infusing spiritual awareness into carnal self, to illuminate physicality.

In this process, it impels us to question how we use our chi, our life force, and for what ultimate purpose. All of this further clarifies the nature of Uttara Bhadrapada, its first pada, and areas of growth for souls incarnating on Earth at this time in Earth's Precessional Cycle. Pisces ruled by Jupiter in the feminine expression , planet of greater wisdom, movement and expansive awareness, amalgamating with Saturn as Uttara Bhadrapada's ruler, impels us to confront our fears, to take responsibility for our reality, and to concretize and make practical the wisdom we gain through experience in Saturn's power of limits.

It impels us to seek knowledge about deeper or hidden esoteric truths transcendent to societal structures and to claim our sovereignty by awakening to our greater inner wisdom in demonstrable expression. However, planetary cycles nest within the embracing cycle of Earth's Precessional Cross, and exploring it reveals an underlying evolutionary current and also brings greater understanding to the stars and their expression through the Nakshatras and their padas.

Such an exploration can be extensive.

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This following section is an exploration of just a few highlights throughout recent precessional history as revealed by the Vernal Point's movement through the ecliptic. This does not negate that other civilizations may have emerged in other areas as well, or that these emerging cultures may have been migrations from a common area. It is well accepted that a dispersal of the human populous occurred as the oceans rose during the end of the last glacial period circa 12, years ago.

Dhani Irwanto's comprehensive scientific research places the now submerged land mass Atlantis in the Pacific, between Asia and Australia, in a geographical region called Sundaland, which is a part of the Asian continental shelf that was exposed during the last Ice Age and habitable due to its equatorial location. This location for Atlantis is also fitting to migratory paths from this area to the Himalayas and subsequently to these three areas, as well as to China and south to Australia.

This also indirectly suggests that the advanced knowledge inherent to the design and construction of the Egyptian pyramids came from this more advanced civilization existing at a time prior to the flooding caused by the ending of the glacial period. About 14, years ago circa 12, BCE , Earth's climate began to shift from the cold glacial period to the warmer interglacial Holocene period.

During this transition, a period called the "Younger Dryas" occurred named after the flower Dryas Octopetala, which grows in cold conditions. The Younger Dryas demarcates an abrupt pulse where the cold near-glacial temperatures returned, about 13, to 11, B. The Younger Dryas was originally hypothesized to have been the result of a temperature phase reversal occuring between the northern and southern hemispheres caused by fresh water pouring into the Arctic and Atlantic oceans as the North American Laurentide ice sheet was melting. Ref: Phys. Many historians and archeologists assume that the emergence of cosmological understanding in these three various cultures was passed on orally or through written language from one area to another, often arguing the origin.

There are however many parallel developments that are very similar in all of these areas, in cosmological understanding and its expression into religious beliefs and through art and architecture. It is also likely that each of these cultures were remnants of an older advanced civilization from a time preceding the last Precessional Cross and the turning of the last glacial period, and thus, with some of the individuals within each of these cultures having a similar comprehension of cosmology and associated art-sciences.

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We might also consider that cosmological understanding can be perceived from the unified field of consciousness, manifesting as derivatives in cultural expression, recognizing that knowledge and memory are inherent to the unified field of consciousness, and thus are inheritable. Cultures would thus self-organize in similar ways due to resonance with a common transcendent memory.

In addition, a localized expression from this commonality, or unified field, thus effects the field, augmenting it, which in turn influences the expression in other locations. Thus, cultural developments in one area influence the developments in all other areas, they are non-local, transcending space and time through their resonance in the unified field of consciousness. Image: Ancient Indus River Reconstruction.

Syvitski, University of Colorado. The Fertile Crescent of Mesopotamia is thought to have been first occupied c. Little is known about the period from then to about BCE. Most historians and archeologist merely say it was an agrarian period with the development of agriculture and the domestication of animals. The lack of archeological records from this period is why historians tend to believe these cultures were primitive rather than being remnants from a more advanced civilization—a mere assumption.

It is now clear through modern satellite and geological evidence correlated with astronomical references in Vedic literature that the Vedic tradition Rig Veda period is far more ancient and indigenous to India than European scholars previously claimed, well before BCE, if not much older, perhaps extending back to the end of the last Ice Age. The Neolithic Subpluvial Wet Phase occurred — to c. Nothing is known about cultures during the time preceding this period and little is known about the early part of the wet phase.

There is no evidence indicating that any of these cultures of this early time were in any way primitive or lacked advanced forms of technology, and mathematical, astronomical and cosmological knowledge. In addition, there may have been seismic events, such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, that may have had cataclysmic effects on civilizations during this earlier period. The Indus and Saraswati valley civilizations emerged or re-emerged after the Neolithic Subpluvial Wet Phase abated due to monsoon drying, which enabled agricultural conditions producing rich fertile areas along the Indus river and its tributaries that were ideal for settlement for people migrating from higher areas near the Himalayas c.

This period lasted nearly years, until continued aridification ended these ideal conditions resulting in another migratory period away from the valley. Kenneth Chandler expose many misconceptions about the origins of Vedic civilization that were promoted by European scholars of the 19th century. The Vernal Point's movement through the ecliptic occurs in a east-to-west direction due to Earth's precession. This is the opposite direction of planetary movement through the ecliptic as seen from Earth.

Thus, we will be exploring the Nakshatras and the padas in reverse order throughout this section. When exploring the heavens in the precessional direction east-to-west , we are looking at the energetics of the evolutionary cycle of the soul collective on Earth. Calculations are based upon a linear progression of the current precessional rate of More recent advancements in computation methods using space satellites along with VLBI Very-long-baseline interferometry and LLR Lunar Laser Ranging , which accurately measures the Earth-Moon distance, have allowed for more accurate calculations of precession of the equator and precession of the ecliptic.

More information and references can be found at the bottom of my Sidereal Astrology web page. Earth's precessional rate, currently, is slowly increasing. Timelines and the dates of the Vernal Point's position in the ecliptic presented in this article are based upon a linear progression of Earth's current precessional rate.

Since Earth's precessional rate is not a constant, the Vernal Point's location in the ecliptic in the distant past over thousands of years B. The godhead's ecliptical location delineates the directing energetic for the birthplace of incarnating souls. In addition, we can also look at the location of the southern solstice, which marks the start of the new solar year. It of course is opposite the location of the northern solstice. The Sun's northward movement from Earth's perspective from the southern solstice, past the Vernal Point, to the northern solstice, from southern to northern hemisphere is also the Sun's annual return journey to the location of the godhead, which happens mid-year.

The fourth point, the ani-Vernal Point, brings perspective to the Vernal Point or birthplace. These four points, always square to one another, create the Solar Cross. The Solar Cross precesses through the ecliptic due to Earth's precession creating its ever-changing relationship to the galactic equatorial axis, the movement that creates the cycle of Earth's Precessional Cross. To keep things simple and reasonably brief, I will only be exploring the energetic of the moving Vernal Point through the Nakshatras in this introductory article, which alone is thoroughly revealing. This is one of few definitively dated events prior to BCE.

It interestingly corresponds with the Vernal Point's conjunction with Sirius and Canopus in Ardra's fourth pada. Sirius has a relatively quick proper motion at 1. In BCE, Sirius was about 0. Sirius, Alpha Canis Major, is the impetuous and blazing Great World Teacher, knowledge-holder of ancient hermetic wisdom.

Significant alignments with Sirius can bring teachings, lessons, or events of a global or profound proportion, those that can catalyze tremendous evolutionary change. Sirius inspires a quest for liberty and human rights. Canopus, Alpha Carina of Argo Navis, is the second brightest star in the heavens after Sirius, and conjoins Sirius from the south. Canopus, although appearing to be about half as bright as Sirius, is actually grander than Sirius. Sirius only appears brighter due to its close proximity to our solar system. Canopus is a rare yellow-white supergiant star, estimated to be about 65 times the size of our Sun and with a luminosity about 15, times greater than our Sun's.

Canopus has a magnetically heated corona about 10 times hotter than the Sun's, producing both observable X-rays and radio waves Adapted from Jim Kaler. Canopus imparts a concern for the repercussions of global events affecting evolutionary change, as well as a sense of responsibility to steer Earth's evolutionary course.

The Hindu deity Rudra rules Ardra. Rudra is said to be the fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva, who exemplifies thunder. Rudra is of the wind and storm, the roarer, the mightiest of the mighty, the most severe, and the personification of terror. Rudra has a fierce, tempestuous, unpredictable, and a destructive nature. Classical Hindu delineations characterize Ardra as sagacious, aggressive, goal oriented, righteous, and materialistic, impelling activism for change based from higher morals, and "to make fresh or renew via a storm. This is when Earth's polar axis is tilted furthest away from the galactic plane of light during the cycle, marking the epitome of darkness and separation in the cycle of Earth's Precessional Cross.

This also delineates a primary turning in the precessional cycle. At each of the four primary points in the cycle, one of two vectors created by the change in orientation of Earth's pole with respect to the galactic plane reverse, which create a polarity inversion in the cycle and which may effect geophysical conditions on Earth as well as in our perceptual and evolutionary experience in consciousness. This is Mrigashira's forth pada Scorpio-Mars. One half of Mrigashira expresses in Taurus, the other in Gemini, thus articulating the transition of the two signs, and in this case, the transition from the Age of Gemini into the Age of Taurus.

In Hindu literature, Mrigashira has a tender Mridu quality and imparts a searching and seeking demeanor, to find one's path or purpose, with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, also associated with all forms of travel—by road, by air, etc. Mrigashira's underlying motivation is creative expression and expansion applied through physical involvement that impels constructive development of the material aspects of life and multiplies abundance. Pada 4 of Mrigashira is said to impel action to fulfill intellectual pursuits, but it can also impart a suspicious and argumentative nature due to a tendency to over-intellectualize.

The Gate of Man, at the foot of Castor, the sword of Orion, Betelgeuse and Menkalinan all bring greater clarity to the nature of Mrigashira's forth pada. Using different state-of-the-art techniques on ESO's Very Large Telescope, two independent teams of astronomers have obtained the sharpest ever views of the supergiant star Betelgeuse. They show that the star has a vast plume of gas almost as large as our Solar System and a gigantic bubble boiling on its surface. The "Gate of Man" impels the expression of our greater ideals and life purpose through the daily activity of humankind.

Betelgeuse is a red supergiant, one of the biggest stars known, and almost times larger than our Sun, according to conventional scientific methods of calculation. It is also one of the most luminous stars known, emitting more light than , Suns.

As such, it contributes a principal energetic to this area of the zodiak. Betelgeuse marks Orion's right shoulder, from which he holds his upraised sword just under the Gate of Man.

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Betelgeuse embodies the theme of a male warrior, is of a kingly nature, authoritative and is of human resourcefulness in action. Betelgeuse and the stars forming the sword of Orion inspire a sense of responsibility to dynamically respond to whatever is occurring in the moment, to adapt, and to challenge existing systems or authorities to cut through whatever is in the way of solution. Physical constructive response is the hallmark of Betelgeuse. Capella, the messenger of light, is the primary star of this constellation. It is actually a dual star, with both stars in a very tight orbit, so much so that they distort each other, neither being round.

Menkalinan impels mutual support amongst colleagues, imparting a sense of responsibility to assist each other in the world of daily human affairs to help mobilize efforts and opportunity for success. Menkalinan is also a polarizer that will show us the opposite side of an issue by attracting people or experiences that elucidate through graphic illustration our hesitancies or indecision to take action, which can help us cut through confusion to make a path of action clear.